Silverlight for Umbraco Media Objects Intro video

This week I got a mail asking me If I would be up for posting a video on this blog, since it’s about umbraco, I’m happy to do so.

So here it is: a short intro video on Project SUMO ( Silverlight for Umbraco Media Objects), featuring some key members from the fabulous umbraco community

In order of appearance:

Silverlight for Umbraco Media Objects is a Silverlight 4 application for managing, editing and uploading images to the media section of an Umbraco installation and is a collaboration between Microsoft Uk and some umbraco community members.


More details on SUMO can be found on codeplex and on it’s project page on

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  1. bob baty-barr on September 30th, 2010

    wow, this video is great… i would love to share it to my facebook page, etc. but the share links promote /web/drupal??? what up with that :)

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