Richtext editor datatype and related stylesheets

You can relate stylesheets to the richttext editor datatype in umbraco, sometimes this will cause an unwanted effect. Like a background color that you don’t want, …

But this can easily be changed.

You can target the richttext editor with the class


So by appending this to the related stylesheet, you have more control over the styling in the richttext editor datatype.

(make sure to clear your browser cache, to view the result)

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  1. eran on March 17th, 2010

    hello, I’ve build a site for RTL content, so the customer also need
    to enter RTL content. so, i used the mceContentBody class to apply RTL to the richtext editor. now the text direction is RTL.
    the problem: now, if you enter mixed RTL and English (for example one english word in the middle of Hebrew line) - the marks messed up (,;?, etc) - i mean that the editor don’t know that you switched from RTL to LTR.
    is there any solution? i know that in wordpress for example, it doesn’t happen and the richtext editor handle that correctly.

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