Installing Umbraco Packages

I recently got a comment from a person that downloaded a package but didn’t know what steps to take to installing it.
So here is a small how to.

After you have successfully logged into umbraco go to the developer section (section menu is on the bottom left, if you don’t see the developer icon you don’t have permission to view that section).


Then expand the Packages tree


Since we’ll install a local (downloaded) package select ‘Install local package’, the install local package page will load.


Then just choose the package from your machine and hit the load package button (it won’t be installed yet) .

Now (if it’s a valid package) you’ll see the next step. Here you’ll need to accept the license and hit the install package button


If the package contains a custom usercontrol with some custom installation steps that will be loaded next (like in this case with the datefolder package).


Once these custom steps have been completed (if there are any) the package should be installed.

You should now be able to view the installed package in the ‘installed packages part’ of the packages tree.


There you’ll also be able to uninstall the package.

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