Getting started with umbraco v4

Yesterday umbraco 4 was released, this post is an updated version of the getting started with umbraco one I did some time ago.

What is umbraco screencast


You can always find the latest umbraco release on codeplex


Install umbraco 4 on Windows Vista
Install umbraco 4 on “localhost” - simplified
Screencast 1
Screencast 2 (installation in 200 seconds)


Document types:

Umbraco basics: document types by umbraco founder Niels Hartvig - part 1, part 2
Document Types Explained

New feature in v4, master document types


Screencasts on v4 masterpages by Warren Buckley - part 1, part 2, part 3

Xslt and Macro’s:

XSLT Basics
Inline xslt (new in v4)
Macro Parameters syntax


Introduction to Canvas

Beyond the Basics:

.Net controls and umbraco:

Screencast 1
Screencast 2

Event model:

Attaching document eventhandlers
Using ApplicationBase to register events


Introduction to /Base

Xslt extension:

Create xslt exstension like umbraco.Library

Custom datatypes:

Creating custom datatypes using the umbraco usercontrol wrapper
Creating custom umbraco datatypes

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  1. NiC on February 22nd, 2009

    Thanks for a perfect explanation! really a rewarding job..
    I have just discover Umbraco and its hard to know, now when there is a new (v.4) version. This page saved me many, many hour!
    Thanks again!
    /NiC :-)

  2. Christophe on April 7th, 2009

    This post was just what i needed! I’ve been searching a long time for the perfect cms, had maaaaany disappointments and then discovered Umbraco just a few days ago. ;)

    The lack of documentation isn’t really a problem for me, but this ‘getting started’ list should be on the Umbraco website!

    Thanks a lot!

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