UI-O-Matic v2 Beta looking for testers

Two weeks ago I spotted this message on my Github timeline


and I must say I was pretty excited to see the great Matt Brailsford forking the UI-O-Matic repo. In his fork he has taken the project to the next level,  housekeeping and improving the codebase and implementing quite a few new features.

What has changed?

The project has undergone major refactoring, a lot has changed, so it is not possible to upgrade from v1 to v2 without having to make a couple of changes. To outline the main differences:

  • No IUIOMatic interface and custom validation method but simply using standard .net data annotations
  • UIOMatic field property is now explicit, so if you want it to show up in the UI you need to mark your properties
  • Explicit UIOMaticListViewField attribute (use this if you want properties to show up in the listview)
  • Consistency in the js, no more uppercase properties, this has an impact if you created custom property views, use property.value instead of property.Value

What’s new?

  • Core project (there are now 2 nuget packages one for the core and 1 for the ui)
  • Folder Support
  • List view views (so you can now choose how to render a property in the list view, think image as an example)
  • Filter option on the list view (with the new UIOMaticListViewFilter attribute)
  • UIOMaticRepository (so devs can supply a custom repository object)
  • Map field type
  • New Logo



You can install the beta via Nuget:
Install-Package Nibble.Umbraco.UIOMatic –Pre


We are currently working at updating the docs (and they should be ready when the final hits the shelves), you should be able to get started with what is currently available at

Reporting bugs

You can either submit them on the forum or directly on the issue tracker

Again credits for this release go out to Matt! H5YR!

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