EAsy Custom 404 Pages for Umbraco

Introducing a small new package that allows you to set your Umbraco site 404 page(s) from within the UI. The page not found manager will extend the content context menu for admins with a new option “404 page”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.44.23

The new option will open a dialog where you are able to select a 404 page for the current page and it’s children (either by searching or selecting a page from the content tree).

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.48.34

So you can also setup multiple 404 pages (in case you have a multilingual site or an umbraco instance running multiple sites). Since it works this way it’s more versatile then the standard umbraco 404 page setup.

You can download the package on

Or install it through nuget

If you are insterested in the sourcecode that can be found on GitHub

And if you wanna learn more you can view a live demo and a run through of the code on this weeks uHangout

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  1. Luc van Soest on November 20th, 2015

    Great package but after installing, umbracoInternalRedirectId functionality is broke. Is this a known issue and are there any workarounds for this?

  2. Luc van Soest on November 20th, 2015

    You can ignore that last comment. Fixed the problem, wasn’t related to the package at all ;-) Keep up the good work!

  3. Craig Stevens on November 8th, 2016


    Love the package. Have used it on a couple of sites. However, I seem to have hit an issue. On a site that already has in it’s web.config, your package adds it again and causes an error. Removing the extra one fixes it.

    Might need a bit of logic in there perhaps?



  4. Craig Stevens on November 8th, 2016

    In the previous message the web.config code got stripped! I was referring to the httpErrors existingResponse=”PassThrough” section. Fingers crossed it gets through ;)

  5. Tim Geyssens on November 8th, 2016

    Thanks for Reporting @Craig, will take a look :)

  6. Pedro Mendes on January 6th, 2017

    Hey there Tim,

    I’m experiencing some difficulties on getting this to work, not quite sure why.

    I have the following structure in Umbraco:

    |-site content
    |—site content
    |—site content
    |—site content

    site #1 has its own 404page;
    site #2 is a multi language site with each language having it’s own 404page.

    I’ve added the 404 page for each one with the plugin but the 404 that is used is the one configured in umbracoSettings. When I change it to the default value ‘1′ it shows umbraco’s default 404.

    The way I understand it, this one is a ’simple’ (yet powerful) plug-and-play plugin with no config needed but I feel like there is something I’m missing. Is it?

    All the best,

  7. Tessa on March 22nd, 2018

    How would you recommend using this nuget package and adding a custom 500 error page as well? When I attempt to add the below code to the web.config, it overrides your nuget package’s settings and the 404 pages don’t work anymore.

    Thank you,

  8. Slipoch on July 16th, 2021

    The umbraco page for this project is ironically now 404′ing

    Also how do we set it up to use the correct 404? the site seems to be simply going to the first 404 page as defined in UmbracoSettings.

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