Creating custom param editors in Umbraco v7

In v7 it’s super easy to create param editors (the type of control you can choose for macro params).


You can basically use all of the prop editor knowledge and just set a flag in the manifest to allow the prop editor to be used as param editor (if that Isn’t easy Smile )

Check the documentation for full details

isParameterEditor enables the property editor as a macro parameter editor can be true/false

So to allow my sample prop editor (char limit) to be used as a param editor all it takes is a little update of the manifest (and restart the app so the manifest changes are picked up)

    propertyEditors: [
        alias: "Demo.CharLimitEditor",
        name: "Char limit",
        isParameterEditor: true,
        editor: {
        view: "~/App_Plugins/CharLimitEditor/charlimiteditor.html"

And that’s it Smile


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  1. Arunabha Das on May 28th, 2014

    Hi Tim,

    How to create Multiple content picker as a custom macro parameter

  2. Søren Reinke on July 7th, 2014

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for all your nice examples.

    I have a question about using Property Editors as Macro Paramters.

    I am trying to add a NuPickers Sql Checkbox Picker.

    When i add it as a normal data type, i have to enter SQL and some other items. If i try to use it as you have shown above, i just shows the name of the Macro picker, but is not showing any of the input controls.

    I have modified nuPickers to add the ‘isParameterEditor: true,’ property.

    It would be so cool, if you have the time to make an advanced example using nuPickers. :-)

  3. Robert on April 16th, 2015

    Soren, I’m interested in doing the very same thing. Tim, any advice?

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