Optimus and Eazy D getting ready for Umbraco V7

With v7 just around the corner (RC went out yesterday ) it’s a perfect time to test and update packages so they can also support Umbraco version 7!

Turns out this is pretty easy! I just need to do some final tests but thanks to the awesome work by Shannon and Per custom trees/actions/backoffice pages just work like they did on previous Umbraco versions. Also if you have custom webforms pages that use the umbraco UI controls you’ll get an instant v7 look!

Updating Optimus

Optimus consists of some custom trees, custom backoffice pages (some done in MVC some with webforms) and also an extension to the template editor.

Custom trees/backoffice pages all worked out of the box only changes I made was to change the icon in the tree and for the MVC pages I needed to change some markup so it blends in with the v7 style (ones using webforms just had the correct styling since I was making use of the Umbraco ui controls)

Only hard part about updating was a change to the template editor, the toolbar buttons are now part of the code editor so needed to target that control instead of the main toolbar (that has the save button).


Updating Eazy D

Eazy D is basically an extension to the template editor so the same applies here, due to the menu changes I just need to target a different control for adding the button… and since the dialog is created with MVC I also changed some of the markup so it fits in the the V7 look and feel


Sourcecode for both projects is available on github

Eazy D:

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