Optimus 1.0 release

We are done with the finishing touches to the Optimus package for Umbraco and are glad to announce that the 1.0 release is available today!

If you haven’t seen it in action yet, be sure to check out this quick overview


What’s new?

web optimization framework 1.1.0

The web optimization framework has been updated to the latest version (1.1.0), so you can make use of the Element template strings if you want full control over the link/script tag that will be inserted (this one’s for you James South)

@Scripts.RenderFormat(“<script src=’{0}’ async></script>”,”~/bundles/jquery”)

No empty trees

You’ll only get the dynamic scripts/stylesheet tree if you have at least 1 of the providers installed


Possible to disable minification on a bundle with the bundle editor UI


Bundle dynamic stylesheets/scripts directly

As requested by Jeavon Leopold it’s now possible to include less/sass/typescript/coffeescript files directly in a bundle (needs to be enabled in the \App_Plugins\Optimus\config\bundles.config file)


Some code refactor has been done to speed up several parts of the core


And finally the installer now handles the necessary files updates (thanks to the package action contrib team for the helpful snippets)


The package is available at

If you are interested in the sourcecode that can be found at

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