Moving from Umbraco V4 to v5 : Installation

First post in a hopefully large series on the differences and similarities between Umbraco v4 (webforms) and Umbraco v5 (MVC). So this assumes you’ve already used Umbraco v4 and are starting with Umbraco v5 (although it should also be valuable if you don’t have previous experience and just want to get started with Umbraco v5).

As an obvious first post we’ll take a look at the installation of Umbraco v5.

There are different ways to install Umbraco but here I’ll outline my preferred option, downloading the latest stable release from codeplex and using webmatrix to get up and running.

To get details on different installation methods( iis and web platform installer, nuget, visual studio template, manually, …) check out the getting started page on the v5 documentation.


You can always find the latest stable release on, at the time of this blogpost that’s Umbraco 5.0.1. So simply download the recommended download (the web application).


There is also an option to get a nightly build (so a work in progress version) you can find those at (of course there is no guaranty that the version you’ll download will work 100% since it’s a current development version).

Once the download is successful you should end up with an archive if you unzip that you should have a file structure similar to the following screenshot.


Firing up

Now to get Umbraco running I’ll be using WebMatrix, if you don’t have it installed you can get it at the following site (basically WebMatrix will make it easy to get up and running without having to worry about all the dependencies, you might have to install Umbraco once trough the web gallery to make sure the dependencies get installed).

WIth webmatrix installed I can simply fire it up and have it ready to run my site if I open the context menu on the Umbraco web application archive folder.


After hitting the ‘”Open as a web site with Microsoft WebMatrix” option you should end up with an instance of WebMatrix that has the Umbraco site open (tree at the middle left should show you the files).


So all that’s left is to hit the run button in the webmatrix toolbar.


Webmatrix will open a new browser window or will add a new tab to an existing window and you should see the following


So now we’ll have to launch the Umbraco installation wizard by clicking 1 of the 2 links.

Installation wizard

The installation wizard looks pretty much the same as it did in Umbraco v4 with the big difference being that there are less steps in the installation process (no license and no skins step).


After hitting “Lets get started!” We need to specify the db that we want to use. Currently you can choose for SQL Server 2008 (and higher versions), SQL CE 4, or a custom connection string.

Still pretty similar to the v4 installer just that SQL Server 2005 isn’t supported and that there isn’t support for MySQL at this point. If you choose the SQL CE 4 option you won’t need to add additional files like you needed when installing v4 on SQL CE. So to get up an running without having to worry about the db simply choose SQL CE 4 and hit install.


After hitting install you should see the installation progress and once it’s finished you can continue to the next step.


In the create user step you’ll have to specify the admin user details (this is exactly the same as on v4).


After the user step you’ll be able to install a starter kit, this will install a sample starter site. Currently there is only 1 you can choose and there is no option to choose a skin for it (so different to v4 at the moment).


Once that step is completed the installation is done


Accessing Umbraco

After a successful installation it’s possible to go to the Umbraco backend and that’s still located at /Umbraco


So after providing the user credentials (that where setup in the create user section) you should have access to the Umbraco backend (again looking very familiar).



If you have experience with setting up an Umbraco v4 it al feels very familiar and you should be up and running in a couple of minutes.

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