Extending Umbraco Contour 2.0 for Umbraco 5

Like it’s possible to extend Contour for Umbraco v4 with custom providers you can of course also do this with Contour 2.0 for Umbraco v5.

Since the engine behind Contour is still the same there are a lot of things that also stayed the same. There is no difference in creating custom data source types, prevalue source types, workflow types, export types, record action types, recordset action types for Contour on v4 or v5 of Umbaco. So if you already have custom ones running on Contour 1.x you should be able to reuse those instantly on Contour 2.0.

The 2 things that will be a bit different are creating custom field types and custom field setting types I’ll get some examples up of those in one of the next blog posts.

Introducing the AssemblyContainsContourProviders attribute

A small difference is that you’ll need to mark your assembly with a specific attribute if it contains Contour providers. This will make sure Contour only looks in the marked assemblies for plugins (performance boost).

So basically you’ll need to add the following line to your AssemblyInfo.cs of the project containing the Contour providers

[assembly: Umbraco.Forms.Core.Attributes.AssemblyContainsContourProviders]

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