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Learn about Umbraco v7 and ecommerce with v7 at a free event in Belgium 0

One for the Umbraco folks in Belgium, Wednesday, December 4, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Anders Burla and myself (Tim Geyssens) are organizing a Umbraco v7 event in Belgium!

Join us for an intro to Umbraco 7 (aka the new UI) where we’ll show you what has changed and how it will make editing and developing Umbraco sites even easier.

After the v7 intro we’ll have Anders introduce us how you can do e-commerce sites in Umbraco 7 with Tea Commerce (using all the stuff you would expect in Belgium, multi lingual, ogone payment…)

Event is free but seats are limited! Secure you seat today (and please only take a seat If you are 100% sure you can make it)

Hope to see you there!

UMBRACO V7/ BELLE Custom Tree Icons 4

Another small tips for package devs moving to V7

In Belle is used for the icons in the tree (and in other places of course), you can also take advantage of this in your custom trees

All you need to do is set the Icon of the tree node to icon-nameoftheicon (you can see the names when you preview the Hlvticons)

So making use of the compatibility helper in the previous post you can check if it’s version 7 and depending on the version have a different icon

if (CompatibilityHelper.IsVersion7OrNewer)
     xNode.Icon = "icon-3d";
     xNode.Icon = “icon_datasource.gif”;

So for Contour this gives