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Transfering Umbraco Contour forms with Courier 2 9

Last week Courier 2 was released, Courier 2 makes it possible to compare and transfer content, doc types, templates, media, … between umbraco instances in a couple of clicks (saving you loads of time when working with multiple environments since it will detect all dependencies, and you won’t have to care about ID conflicts since that is simply handled by courier). You can read more details on it here: 

But it doesn’t stop with the standard umbraco parts like doc types and templates,… Courier comes with an API that enables you to also support custom data.

Details on how to get started with a custom provider can be found in the sample item provider docs:
and sample sourcecode

So wouldn’t it be great to be able to transfer Contour forms with Courier


Based on the sample item provider documentation I wrote a provider for Contour, you can download the assembly here:

Make sure you have Courier 2 and Contour installed on both source and target installation, then simply drop the assembly in the bin directory of both installations.

And you should now be able to transfer forms and changes to forms between instances. Courier will also be able to pick up any dependencies you might have to Contour form, if you are transferring a content node that has a form inside the rte or a template with a form macro on it Courier will know and also transfer the form.

Check it out: