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UI-O-Matic + T4 Templates = Almost instant CRUD UI for your custom tables in Umbraco 5

I’ve just published a new package on Nuget that makes it even easier to generate an integrated CRUD UI for custom tables in Umbraco, as you know for UI-O-Matic you only need to create a PetaPoco poco and decorate that with some additional attibute + implement an interface for each table, if you have a lot of tables that’s really boring work mapping a table manually to a poco. So I’m happy to introduce you to the t4 templates that will do that mapping for you.

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Simply install the package through nuget

PM> Install-Package Nibble.Umbraco.UIOMaticT4Templates

That will add 3 new files to your project

  • \Models\Generated\
  • \Models\Generated\UIOMatic.Core.ttinclude
  • Models\Generated\UIOMatic.Generator.ttinclude

To now generate your pocos you’ll just have to save the file, if no connectionstring is supplied it will use the Umbraco one, but if you point it to a different conn string (by adding it’s name) it will use that.


I must note that I only modified the PetaPoco t4 templates so all credit for the excellent work in that one goes to the PetaPoco team.