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Umbraco Contour and Razor 7

Want to output Contour records with razor instead of xslt well I’ve created some dynamic objects you can use to do so (please note that this is just a primary version of the dynamic objects, this will be improved in a next Contour release)

Here is an example:

@using Contour.Addons.DynamicObjects
<ul id="comments">
 @foreach (dynamic record in Library
          @record.Created.ToString("dd MMMM yyy")
               <a href="@record.Website" target="_blank">@record.Name</a>


This example uses the comment form created from the comment form template and then simply outputs all comments submitted on the current page. To access the field values you can simply use the dot notation (.FieldCaption like @record.Comment)

Download the assembly here: (simply unzip and drop in your bin directory)

Make sure you are running at least version 4.7 of umbraco since it won’t work on older version and of course have Contour installed.