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Summary of the first Belgian umbraco meetup 5

Last Saturday Ruben, Dirk and I (Tim) held the first local umbraco meetup here in Belgium. We started out with a very short welcome message and a video Niels recorded (thanks again for that). Then we asked everyone to quickly introduce themselves by answering a couple of questions (who are you, what do you do, where does umbraco fit in, why are you here). Turned out that seeing umbraco v4 in action was the top reason for attending.

After showing the new features in v4 we started with the demo we had planned. Plan was to make an entire site in umbraco with the following features:
- Download a design and implement it in umbraco
- News with comments (autoform), rss feed and livewriter
- Image gallery with lytebox and rating
- Flash mp3 player
- Register members
- Silverlight video player with some ajax stuff ( base )

I think that took us about 2 hours and the rest of the day we asked the attendees what else they would like to know/see … That included multilingual sites, custom datatypes, installing on other databases, search, …

Some people also showed some of their work and someone told us about the ideas he had for some packages.

List of attendees:

Dirk De Grave
Dieter De Paepe
Pascal Declercq
Arjan den Boer
Gerty Engrie
Arnaud Geyskens
Tim Geyssens
Walter Harms
Sander Houttekier
Thomas Lepouttre
Martijn Maris
Geert Neuts
Lieven Praet
Richard Soeteman
Thomas Surquin
Ruben Verborgh

I think about 50% of the people came from the Netherlands.

Couple of pictures:








Looking back on the meeting I can definitly say I met some great people and had a awesome time! We should do this more often !