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Umbraco MVP 2008/2009 2

This is just such a great pat on the back, like Warren mentioned this is a great motivation to keep on contributing to the umbraco community. I’ve got some great ideas for new blog posts and packages. If you have special request for screencasts or tutorials, don’t hesitate to post a comment.


Codegarden 08 - flash and umbraco 16

I’m back from Denmark and had an amazing week ! First with the retreat and then with codegarden08. For the people who couldn’t make it, you can download my flash and umbraco presentation below.



Presentation: download pdf

Most importing part of the presentation was the release of a new umbraco package. NibbleFX (flash express).

In short: Have an xml driven flash movie you would like to manage with umbraco? This package will do all the work for you, just upload your xml file and documenttypes, templates, xslt and macro’s get created automaticly, you can even import the content.

Check out this screencast ( of a beta version) if you want to see a demo.


NibbleFX: download

Enjoy ….

Codegarden session 2

As you may know I will be doing an Intermediate Track at codegarden this year. I’ll be speaking about ajax and flash with umbraco, I’ll even throw in some silverlight.

I’ve just shown a quick demo of a new umbraco ‘plugin’ (that I will be releasing and demoing during the session) to the umbraco crew ( Niels and Per).


Still a handfull of codegarden tickets left!