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Why Umbraco rocks - Easy and fast installation 2

To continue with the why umbraco rocks posts. Umbraco starts rocking at step 1, the installation. It’s just a matter of minutes to complete the easy and fast installation process.

To showcase this I did an installation time attack: Umbraco v4 installation on vista (from download to complete installation) in 3 minutes and 20 seconds. (detailed installation instructions on

View the evidence here:


Why Umbraco rocks - alternative templates 66

The main building blocks of umbraco are as you know document types and templates. When creating a document types the umbraco interface will give you the options to also create a templates that is then setup as the default template on that document type. If you open up the details of a document types you’ll be able to see the ‘allowed templates’ part on the info tab.


Document types aren’t limited to 1 template and this is great! You can easily swith to an ‘alt template’ by simply editing the url of your page.

So if you would have a homepage.aspx and you want to apply templatex on it you can do this by changing the url to


another option is this


In the beginning I didn’t use alternative templates that much but it’s a great way to keep your content section clean.

For example an email to a friend page, instead of making this a new documenttype and adding it to the content en then passing the id of the page you want to email…

You can simply add an email to a friend template and call it up as an alternative template, that way you won’t need to pass the nodeid because you are still on the same node !

Why umbraco rocks - no design limitations 3

To continue the why umbraco rocks posts, just look at the diversity of sites running umbraco. One of the great things of umbraco is that you have complete control over what is ouputted. You start with an empty ‘template’ and can add any html you want. You are not forced into skinning (like many other cms systems) but can just mold umbraco around your (x)html templates.







Why Umbraco Rocks - Adding custom usercontrols 17

Umbraco rocks! Why ?

Reason one:

It’s extremely easy to add custom .net usercontrols to your umbraco site. So you can still take full advantage of the .net framework when working with umbraco. I made a quick screencast showing how to add a .net usercontrol to your umbraco site.



Demo Project: download